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The Journal of Latin American Communication Research (JLACR) is a six-monthly peer-reviewed scholarly journal, published by the Latin American Association of Communication Researchers (ALAIC) and its partners in the region. The main focus of the journal is to analyze and promote the studies that are being held about communication processes in Latin America. In this sense, the journal includes general topics of media and mass communication, as well as interpersonal and digital communication, seen from different disciplines. JLACR accepts mainly original articles derived from social research, and other proposals like theoretical disquisitions, literature reviews and analysis of previous research.



CALL FOR PAPERS VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1, (JAN-JUN, 2014) DEDICATED TO “Social digital networks: nodes, vertexes and awns of our culture”


The Journal of Latin American Communication Research invites interested and specialized scholars to send in their original innovative papers to be included in Vol. 4, Nr. 1, which will address the topic of the complex phenomena of social digital networks. Based on practical observations and theoretical analysis, it has been considered that interactions and activism within digital networks are a democratizing communicative promise, whereas there is also a perspective from which they are seen as nothing but distracters and disturbances in the public sphere. Among those who consider it an uprising positive phenomenon and those who perceive it in a more negative way, a series of questions worth answering comes up: which are the reasons of their great magnitude and influence? What is it that has got them to have such tremendous impact in a very short period of time? Are they actually playing a role in agenda-setting and public policies? Where are they standing when thought as part of contemporary culture? Fulfilling this debate with well-grounded positions and providing empirical data is fundamental to build theory that can suitably explain these phenomena. These are the goals pursued by the Journal of Latin American Communication Research in this space of theoretical and practical analysis. 

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Vol 3, No 1 (2013): Social Networking and Activism

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